Concerted Efforts to Contain COVID-19 Pandemi
  • January - Assembly
    January - Assembly
    Kindstar people on standby

    At the beginning of Wuhan’s lockdown, we called on and mobilized all staff to provide emergency support to contain COVID-19 pandemic. Kindstar people responded actively and demanded to take part in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

  • February - Unflinching response to any call
    February - Unflinching response to any call
    Gathering at the frontline of the fight against COVID-19

    We are one of the first third-party institutions designated by the Hubei Provincial People's Government to carry out COVID-19 nucleic acid testing, and the provider of comprehensive external testing services for Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital. As a testing company with independent medical laboratories, we have the responsibility and obligation to assume this social responsibility to help test COVID-19 and reduce the workload of testing in hospitals. The clarion call to the fight against COVID-19 was sounded on February 3, when we officially launched diagnostic testing for COVID-19.

  • March and April - Screening before work resumption
    March and April - Screening before work resumption
    Kindstar ensured safety as enterprise resumed work

    To allow employees to return to work much faster and more securely, making preparations for safe return to work became the focus of most enterprises in Wuhan. As the need for safe work resumption increased in a large number of enterprises, screening before work resumption became the most important link in the fight against COVID-19 at this time.

    Upon learning of the needs of enterprises for screening before safe work resumption, we immediately established a task group, reached cooperation intentions with large enterprises in Wuhan, and began screening before work resumption.

  • May – Ten-day battle
    May – Ten-day battle
    Nucleic acid testing for all residents in Wuhan, involving four communities and 800,000 persons

    On May 11, Wuhan Municipal Headquarters for Containment of COVID-19 Pandemic issued the Emergency Notice on COVID-19 Nucleic Acid Testing for All Residents in Wuhan, requiring the city to implement the plan of COVID-19 nucleic acid testing for all its residents. As the designated third-party testing organization, Kindstar people were “poised to fight” a long time ago. During the ten days, everyone at the headquarters worked around the clock and cooperated to demonstrate the power of collaboration in the battle.

    On May 20, leaders of Wuhan Municipal People's Government visited our headquarters to investigate nucleic acid testing, and fully affirmed our efforts during this period. The arrival of the leaders greatly encouraged Kindstar people.

    On May 21, leaders of relevant national departments visited Kindstar Global for inspection and research.

  • July to September – Containing COVID-19 in Xinjiang
    July to September – Containing COVID-19 in Xinjiang
    A team was sent from Wuhan to Xinjiang, completing more than 1 million tests in three stages.

    On July 16, Urumqi was completely locked down, and the personnel at the Xinjiang branch worked hard 24 hours a day. Wuhan Kindstar sent a support team to Xinjiang to quickly complete the coordination of testing instruments, medical consumables, protective supplies and other medical materials and assist the Xinjiang branch in mass nucleic acid testing.

    From July to September, the testing tasks in three stages were completed. The government department rated the Xinjiang branch as an pandemic containment model. The Xinjiang branch was listed as a national emergency protection unit.

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