Talent Cultivation
Training systems

Adhering to the concept that people are our most valuable assets, we carry out and implement diversified educational patterns and training mechanisms by means of informatization and project management. Focusing on talent innovation cultivation, we aim to impart knowledge and improve the skills of our people, help them grow to realize their self-worth, and advance the development of both organization and individuals

Learning platforms and resources
Platform operation: make people “useful”

We have established online and offline training & educational patterns. As to online training, we offer a superior online platform Lexiang for all people to experience the convenience and efficiency of modern mobile learning without the limit of time and place.

Learning platforms and resources
Content operation: make platform “instructive”

We have built a program library of the Company on Lexiang platform to collect specialized excellent programs of different business divisions and general programs of office work needed by all people on the platform, so that participants can get through and know the cooperative relationship of various business modules across fields. We encourage people to develop and learn by themselves and convert external excellent programs they have access to into the resources on the platform in a reasonable way , so as to enrich the program library of the platform.

Learning platforms and resources
Activity operation: make learning “interesting”

The Group will organize offline programs every month. People can choose to sign up for the offline training session according to the notice. The theme of offline training session will be organized according to the training needs of people and plan. Some participants will be preferentially selected after the closing of training session to exchange and share what they have learnt from the training session in combination with their actual work, which guarantees the implementation of the program.

Facilitator team construction

We boast a team of facilitators with rich practical experience. Therefore, each department can develop programs applicable for their people to meet training needs of the departments according to the vocational levels of the people. We have also built a complete facilitator management system: the qualification of inhouse facilitators will be assessed every year according to their performance. The Group will organize facilitator teaching skill training in diversified modes every month. Facilitators can choose online learning on Lexiang platform or participate in inhouse offline sharing and improvement training. The Group invites professional training agency at irregular intervals for people getting qualification certificate, designates excellent facilitators in annual assessment to study and get qualification certificate. Every inhouse facilitator can become a professional inheritor.

Training pattern

The company-level training is adopted for new recruits. Business department assists to complete pre-job training. Company-level training for new recruits contains enterprise culture and company development explanation of general manager, career planning guide for new recruits, outdoor extending activity of new recruits etc. Besides, we also offer online training programs for new recruits on Lexiang platform. New recruits can timely know the complete system, culture, biological safety etc. of the Company on the first day of entry.

Training pattern
Business training

The Company boasts flexible and diversified training modes. In addition to inhouse facilitators that can meet the business training needs of different divisions, the Company has also introduced multidimensional training modes for diversified staff training so as to continuously improve the professional level of business department personnel, such as guiding new recruits by the experienced employees, visiting & surveying, overseas assignment, studying abroad etc.

Training pattern
Management training

To guarantee rapid development of the Company, it is supposed to build a professional management team with broad strategic vision, high professional quality and strong competence to improve comprehensive quality of all people. The management training is divided into four parts: management perception, self-management, work management and people management. Through the combination of offline and online trainings, we will comprehensively build a high-quality management team.

Training pattern
Quality and skill training

We will develop other necessary programs of knowledge, skills, etiquette, attitude etc. out of their work. “Sand-table exercise”, sharing workshop, extension activities, interesting games etc. can be organized to breach the traditional training modes, enable the participants to participate in the simulated training. The flexible training modes will help participants accept easily and deeply, arouse the enthusiasm of people and guarantee absorption of trained knowledge.
The multiple training patterns stimulate rapid transformation of new recruits, improve their all-around skills and help them adapt to development pattern of the Company, apply their knowledge in work and grow with the Company together.

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